Eric Wood - What Comes Next?


Eric Wood is a friend of mine. We regularly meet up with about a half-dozen other guys and encourage and challenge one another. From 2009-2017, Eric was an offensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills. He made the Pro Bowl in 2015, and was elected the team captain for several years running. 

Eric says the 2017 season, his last in the NFL, was special because it was the first year the Bills made the playoffs during his time there. It was also special because, as the season wrapped, his wife and daughter were back home in Louisville because his wife was about to give birth to their son. The Bills lost in the first round to Jacksonville, and Eric immediately turned his thoughts to his family. As he was leaving Buffalo, the first hints of a major change in his life began to take shape as he completed a year-end physical exam. Soon after returning home, Eric welcomed his son to the world as he was learning that his career as a professional football player was over. Life doesn’t always go as we plan it, and Eric’s story took a turn that he didn’t expect—a turn that he’s still processing. 

We all face detours in life. Something unexpected happens that derails our well-laid plans for our careers or maybe our family. At some point in our lives, most of us have had to face the unexpected, and we find ourselves asking the question, “What comes next?” In this episode, we’ll hear from Eric as he wrestles with that question.