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When you spend time reading the Gospels, you’ll quickly discover that so much of the story isn’t about Jesus speaking to the masses. And it isn’t about teaching doctrinal ideas or theological principles. Instead, most of the space in the Gospels is spent on the encounters Jesus had with individuals in need—Jesus impacting one person who needed to experience the love and grace of God.

I'm Kyle Idleman, and I’m excited to tell you about my new podcast, One At A Time. I’m going to focus on these kind of stories: people in need; people in search of answers; people who found God speaking to them, leading them, and helping them one-on-one in all kinds of circumstances. 

Each story will help us wrestle with a different question, and in these stories, we’ll meet people whose lives take unexpected turns and who find themselves searching for answers. What do you do when life sends you spinning? Where do you turn when it feels like your world is falling apart? In moments like this, we can only turn to Jesus, and we often find that, miraculously, he’s already there, waiting for us, ready to meet us in a time of crisis and loss.

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