Chad Mosteller - How Can I Forgive?


“I’ll never forget, I was on my way up to Cincinnati to preach for a week long conference. It was on a Sunday. I preached the first message, and then on the following night was when my wife called me to tell me she was pregnant.” 

 This is Chad Mosteller. Chad is a pastor and friend of mine. He’s describing the moment he found out he was going to be a dad for the first time. Becoming a parent is a big deal, and in Chad’s case, the news was complicated by something that happened on the way to that conference. 

 “…I decided to check Facebook, where I received a message from my biological father, who I hadn’t heard from in almost twenty-three years…."

 What should’ve been the happiest news of Chad’s life was tempered by the bitterness of his past. In the Bible, one of the names for God is Abba, which translates to Dad, or Daddy. For many, the idea of God as a loving dad is an easy connection that conures up qualities of comfort and protection and guidance. But when you’re in Chad’s place, the concept of Abba becomes tricky, when the association to dad includes abandonment, loneliness, and lies. As Chad’s past collided with his future, the impact released years of pent-up anxiety and pain that put Chad on a path to understanding his true identity and learning how to forgive. 

In this podcast, we’ll wrestle with the question, “How can I forgive?"